New rates & benefits issued for 2020

(Los Angeles, CA) – The recent rate cuts by the Federal Reserve is a signal that the government is concerned about the economy.  The deep .50-point reduction is larger than expected and presents a tremendous opportunity to cut back on monthly expenses.

There are 247M cars registered in the US.  This means that this little-known secret to saving money every month can be taken advantage of by just about everyone, even you! 

It’s hard to believe that millions of people in the US could reduce their monthly financial burden by using new online tools, like the savings calculator on AutosUnderstood, to see how much you could save.  In most cases, you don’t even have to speak to an agent to see if you can save money.  We encourage our readers to see for themselves. 

Why should I check out my options now?

Knowing you have the best rate possible is the best way to ensure you aren’t spending money on higher monthly premiums.  One way to ensure you have the best insurance for your specific needs is to shop auto insurance rates every six months.  While this might seem painful, you have to realize that insurances rates don’t remain stagnant.  They change every month!

If you’ve recently moved, improved your credit score, gotten married, or simply want to save money every month, you may qualify for cheaper rates.  AutosUnderstood provides its viewers with a free online tool to make auto insurance shopping significantly easier. 

How Can I Quickly Explore My Savings Options?

Simply put, when the economy slows down, people stop buying cars.  And when new cars aren’t sold, the insurance companies have a smaller pool of people asking them to quote policy terms and costs.  This limits their number of new customers, and they turn to online savings calculators to reach new consumers.

What this means is that in an effort to attract new customers, the insurance companies develop new insurance coverage and benefits to compete for your business.  And in today’s world, they compete via online calculators like this insurance comparison tool.  You can review the best offers from auto insurance companies in about 90 seconds.

Want to see how much you can save? Here’s how:

  1. Click here to get started: See If I Can Save!
  2. Enter your auto and other details so they can prepare an online quote
  3. There is no obligation if you don’t get the savings you want